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Somdatta Maity

Somdatta Maity

About Author

As a child, Somdatta loved nothing more that sitting on her sofa and watching reruns of CSI. FPD gave her a chance to turn her obsession into a profession . If you don’t find her typing away on her laptop, then she is definitely perched somewhere daydreaming or listening to the latest crime podcasts (which nowadays there is no dearth of). She is an introvert and in true Cancerian fashion likes to keep to herself. But, she's always open to new book and song recommendations.

Area of Interest

She loves her Netflix documentaries and dabbles in a bit of anime. Right now, she is working on building her collection of novels. She will never say no to a good cup of tea.


She has a Masters degree in English literature from University of Calcutta.

Previous Experiences

She started off as a freelance writer and continued for 3 years. Prior to joining FPD, she worked as a writer in FloatingChips for a year.

After 43 years in Prison, Judge Overturns Missouri Woman's Life Sentence and Points Fingers at Cop

The investigators arrested then-20-year-old Sandra Hemme for murder while she was a psychiatric patient at St. Joseph's State Hospital.
25 minutes ago

Florida Plastic Surgeon Failed to Call 911 as Wife Suffered Seizures While He Operated on Her, Leading to Her Death: Officials

The surgeon's assistant had allegedly repeatedly asked him if she should call for help, according to the emergency restrictiond document.
8 hours ago

Remains Believed to Belong to Texas Woman Missing for 25 Years Possibly Located on Boyfriend’s Property: Cops

In April 2024, a 'reliable informant' tipped authorities that Langwell had allegedly been killed and buried in her boyfriend's home, police say.
8 hours ago

Cause of Death Revealed For Pennsylvania Man Who Died 38 Years After Baseball Bat Attack

No charges were ever filed as the assailants were never identified by the authorities.
3 days ago

'Killer Clown' John Wayne Gacy’s Attorney Believes Serial Killer Likely Had 20 More Victims

Gacy was convicted for killing at least 33 young men, ranging in age from 14 to 21.
3 days ago

Gate to Hell: Pit in Turkmenistan Reportedly Lit More Than 60 Years Ago Continues to Burn to This Day

Scientists in the Karakum desert originally estimated that the fire would only last a few weeks.
3 days ago

How Superman Helped Minneapolis Cops Track Down Love Rival Who Attempted to Kill Forensic Scientist

Nicole Lenway was shot at point-blank range while picking up her son from a supervised parenting center.
6 days ago

FBI Hunting for Accused of Robbing Texas Bank While Holding Toddler in His Arms

After getting the money, the alleged robber took the child in his arms and raced out of the building.
6 days ago

Morgan Metzer Reveals Exact Moment She Knew Masked Man Assaulting Her Was Her Husband

Morgan Metzer and Rodney Metzer were already planning for a divorce when she was sexually assaulted and beaten.
6 days ago

Milwaukee Woman Allegedly Admits During FaceTime Fight That She Killed Her Husband: Police

Detectives retrieved Hult's DNA from a McDonald's cup found at the crime scene and also received information regarding her tumultuous relationship, police say.
6 days ago

Florida Woman Allegedly Zips Partner in Suitcase and Forgets About it, Causing Him to Die: Police

The trial has been pushed several times because Boone keeps changing lawyers. She is set to go on trial in October.
Jun 16, 2024

A 10-Year-Old Texas Girl Once Played Dead for Two Hours As Killer Shot Dead Her Entire Family

The shooter, Levi King, fired bullets in Robin Doan's direction but missed her. She then proceeded to stay still for two hours.
Jun 15, 2024

Alleged Long Island Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Had a Blueprint to ‘Plan Out His Kills,’ Prosecutors Say

Rex Heuermann allegedly had deleted the document from his hard drive, but investigators utilized forensic means to retrieve the piece of evidence, police say.
Jun 14, 2024

Gabby Petito's Emotional Love Letter Begging Brian Laundrie to 'Stop Crying' Released by FBI

Gabby Petito's letter showed that the couple had issues that they were trying to resolve.
Jun 14, 2024

Notorious Canadian Serial Killer Who Fed His Victims' Remains to Pigs Murdered in Brutal Prison Assault

Remains and DNA of 33 more women, many of whom were Indigenous, were found on Pickton's pig farm.
Jun 12, 2024

Sharee Miller: The Woman Who Tricked Her Ex-Cop Lover Into Killing Her Husband

For three years, prosecutors worked hard to reinstate Sharee's sentence and succeeded when a court ruled that Cassaday's suicide note was admissible in court.
Jun 12, 2024

Missouri Mother Confesses to Allegedly Killing Both Her Kids After Trying to ‘Sacrifice Her Son': Police

The authorities found the suspect's daughter's body in the trunk of a vehicle she had driven to the police department.
Jun 12, 2024

Deadly Love Triangle: 81-Year-Old Woman Convicted for Four-Decade-Old Murder of 'Other Woman' in Wisconsin

The initial investigation yielded no results but authorities renewed their interest in the case in 2021.
Jun 11, 2024

How a Newspaper Ad Helped Convict a Man Who Killed His Pregnant Wife and Passed it Off as Suicide

The army contended that he faked his wife's suicide to separate from her without having to pay child support and collect life insurance payouts.
Jun 10, 2024

A Serial Killer Nurse Only Targeted Elderly Military Veterans — and Nobody Knows Why

The accused administered excessive doses of insulin to her patients, killing them.
Jun 7, 2024