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Morgan Metzer Reveals Exact Moment She Knew Masked Man Assaulting Her Was Her Husband

Morgan Metzer and Rodney Metzer were already planning for a divorce when she was sexually assaulted and beaten.
Cover Image Source: Screenshot | FOX 5 Atlanta
Cover Image Source: Screenshot | FOX 5 Atlanta

A woman's worst fears about her husband proved true in horrifying circumstances. Morgan Metzer from Georgia woke up to the terrifying scene of a man standing at her bedroom doorway in the early hours of New Years 2021.

The man would go on to sexually assault her, and violently beat her with the butt of a pistol while she was restrained with plastic ties. After almost half an hour, the assailant choked her, before leaving her shaken New York Post reported. 

The assailant interacted using a voice distortion tool, that gave his voice a deeper texture. He wore a mask to hide his face.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Karolina Kaboompics
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Karolina Kaboompics

Before Christmas that year, Morgan Metzer and her ex-husband, Rodney Metzer dropped off their kids with some family, The Sun reported. The couple were already heading for divorce.

It was around this time that Rodney Metzer had given her the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She consoled Rodney Metzer and on New Year's, she allowed him to sleep on her couch. Morgan Metzer told him to leave the day after, as she wanted to start 2021 on a fresh note.


Morgan Metzer gave her dog kisses before going to sleep. Just 20 minutes later, she woke up to the horrifying scene of a strange man at her bedroom door.

"A downstairs lamp was on so there was light coming from behind him. I screamed so loud, it's a scream that I don't think I can ever do again. It was so painful. Soon enough, he was on top of me," she recalled.

While she was getting beaten left, right, and center, she wondered whether the assailant was Rodney Metzer. Throughout her history with him, he had used manipulative methods to keep her under his control.


Morgan Metzer couldn't focus on anything as the blows kept on coming. "At that point, I knew I was going to die," she admitted. After half an hour, the assailant began strangling her.

The assailant had completely covered himself, the only thing Morgan Metzer could see were his eyes.

"He was wearing a mask that made him look like Batman, it even had ears that angled up a bit," she said, the Sun reported.

Suddenly, the attack stopped, and the assailant proceeded to drag her outside. Morgan Metzer was half-naked and leftalone on her porch by the attacker.


As the assailant was leaving, he made a parting comment stating she was going to miss her family and husband. She claimed this convinced her that the assailant was her ex-husband, Rodney Metzer.

"That's when I went, 'Wow, it's him,'" she said. "Why would somebody randomly say you're going to miss your husband?"

The attacker took her phone so he could delete any incriminating security footage. Morgan Metzer had no way of contacting anyone.


She tried to stay awake, scared that falling unconscious might bring a bad outcome because of the injuries to her head. At around 1.40 a.m., a man approached her, it was Rodney Metzer. He claimed that a man had come to him and informed him about the attack.

The explanation raised red flags for Morgan Metzer. She accused him of the attack. "I had told him that night that I was going to be at my parents' house. So why would he come to the house?" she said.


The authorities arrived, and, in a matter of hours, arrested Rodney Metzer. Morgan Metzer said the arrest had put away years of self-doubt that she had about her husband's behavior.

"No one had ever believed he was a bad person, it was a relief," she said. "He would always blame stuff on me too, to make me think like I was in the wrong. That was the gaslighting."

Even though seeing the father of her children go to prison was not easy, she was relieved that everyone could see Rodney Metzer's true colors.


The investigation also revealed that Rodney Metzer faked his pancreatic cancer, in a bid to get sympathy from Morgan Metzer. Investigators claimed he planned to kill himself after murdering his ex-wife, the NY Post reported.

“When he couldn’t go through with that plan, he instead devised a new plan to rescue her,”  Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ashe said. “Fortunately, sheriff’s office investigators saw through this scheme and quickly arrested the defendant.”


Store security footage retrieved by the officials showed Rodney Metzer buying zip ties that bound his ex-wife’s hands behind her back, reported Fox 5 Atlanta. Rodney Metzer was hit with 14 charges that included invasion of privacy, kidnapping, and sexual battery.

He pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him. Rodney Metzer took a plea deal that gave him a 70-year sentence, in which 25 needed to be spent in prison and the remaining on probation, reported the New York Post.


Despite Rodney Metzer being behind bars, Morgan Metzer's nightmares have not ended.

"The first few months, I didn't sleep at all, period. I would sit in the corner of my son's room and just stare at that doorway," Morgan Metzer admitted.

"Doorways scare me now. If there's someone that stands in the middle of a doorway it triggers me so bad."

Morgan Metzer's story has since been made into a 'Lifetime' drama titled Gaslit By My Husband.

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