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Ohio Woman Accused of Robbing Credit Union Becomes Online Scam Victim: Police

A woman in her 70s robs a Credit Union at gunpoint after being cheated of money in an online scam.
Cover Image Source: (L) Facebook/Fairfield Township Police Department | (R) Pexels/Tara Winstead
Cover Image Source: (L) Facebook/Fairfield Township Police Department | (R) Pexels/Tara Winstead

Police in Ohio arrested a woman in connection with a robbery at a credit union, according to a press release.

After Fairfield Township Police circulated surveillance footage from the building, officers were able to track down the suspect, 74-year-old Ann Mayers.

She was arrested at her home, where police said officers found the 2014 silver Hyundai Elantra believed to have been used during the robbery. It is unclear if the vehicle was seized as evidence.

Detectives, police said, located a handgun Mayers allegedly pointed at credit union employees from her car. The suspect, who had no previous criminal history, allegedly admitted to the crime, according to law enforcement officials.

Mayers was charged with aggravated robbery with a firearm, a felony of the first degree, tampering with evidence, and a felony of the third degree.

Local 12 reported that a woman entered the premises of the credit union with a handgun and threatened employees. “The tellers in the bank, they were terrified. They saw the gun. They’re, I’m sure, scarred from this. It’s terrifying to be held up, especially with a gun involved not knowing what the person’s intentions are,” said Fairfield Township Police Sgt. Brandon McCroskey.

Nobody was mortally wounded during the heist.

The suspect is accused of stealing $500, CBS reported. According to authorities, Mayers robbed the Credit Union so she could pay back debts that she had accumulated after allegedly becoming the victim of an online scammer who had siphoned off her savings.


This was the woman's first legal offense. “I think she told me she stole a candy bar once, but other than that she’s never stolen anything. She said she doesn’t know why she did it, just out of desperation,” McCroskey said.

The detectives determined the suspect allegedly had discussed the plan with her sister beforehand. “I don’t think her sister really thought she was serious,” said McCroskey.

According to McCroskey, Mayers allegedly took the license plate off her car and removed a bumper sticker in order to hide her identity. “So that suggests at least that she knew what she was gonna do and knew what she was doing was wrong,” McCroskey claimed.

Police have recovered the stolen cash, according to officials.

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