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Ex-CIA Operative Claims He Witnessed Non-Humans Seek Shelter in Pyramid on Mars During Secret Experiments

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Feb. 11 2024, Published 11:03 a.m. ET

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A former CIA officer, once involved in the agency's experiments in "remote viewing," alleges witnessing towering humanoid figures sheltered within a Mars pyramid, evading a catastrophe dating back a million years.

Joe McMoneagle, a participant in the CIA's Project Stargate, aimed to harness latent mental abilities for espionage during the Cold War era, targeting Russian and Chinese adversaries, according to the Daily Star.

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During a recent appearance on the Shawn Ryan Show podcast, McMoneagle recounted an intriguing episode. He described being roused from sleep by program director Bob Monroe, instructed to mentally visualize an undisclosed location.

Instead, he found himself drawn to a site far removed, both spatially and temporally, from the Cold War theater.

Sequestered within the confines of the Monroe Institute, where experiments in out-of-body experiences were conducted, McMoneagle found himself embroiled in a scenario unlike any espionage mission he'd encountered.

Prompted to envision a sealed envelope in his possession, he described a colossal pyramid, dwarfing even Egypt's famed structures. Within, he perceived vast chambers, seemingly disproportionate to the pyramid's exterior.

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McMoneagle speculated that these chambers served as a sanctuary, harboring survivors of a cataclysmic event, now in a state of suspended animation. However, he grimly concluded that they likely met their demise, hinting at the eerie presence of non-human entities within the pyramid's recesses, towering at a staggering 10 feet in height.

Intriguingly, McMoneagle noted anomalies in the Martian environment, suggesting a profound alteration from its present state.

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Subsequent revelations by Monroe unveiled the cryptic mission's true nature: "Mars, One Million Years B.C." Satellite imagery purportedly corroborated McMoneagle's account, revealing scars upon the Martian surface, suggestive of a catastrophic upheaval that may have extinguished a once-thriving civilization.

While such claims may evoke science fiction, recent disclosures lend credence to the notion of extraterrestrial contact. Alleged leaked documents suggest the infamous 1947 Roswell incident indeed involved a UFO, with subsequent endeavors by the United States military to establish communication with extraterrestrial entities, as part of covert initiatives like "Project Sigma" and "Project Aquarius."

A contact between two aliens and a USAF intelligence officer in 1964 is rumored to have occurred during these covert encounters; this suggests that continuous efforts are taking place in the New Mexico deserts to close the gap between potential alien civilizations and humans.


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