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10 takeaways from bombshell new report on efforts to solve ‘Holy Grail’ of FBI cases — where is Jimmy Hoffa?

jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found r
Source: MEGA

Apr. 22 2021, Updated 12:07 p.m. ET

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Outside of the JFK assassination, it might be the most investigated case of all time. The one nobody has been able to crack for nearly 50 years. The ones where everybody has a theory, and nobody has the answers. 

At least nobody who does is talking. 

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The kidnapping — and likely killing — of Jimmy Hoffa has become the American true crime story. Now, a new bombshell Jimmy Hoffa report by reveals not only what may have happened to Hoffa, but efforts underway 50 years later to find his corpse. 

The report includes new details and a complete recap of the crime and here are 10 takeaways:

jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found
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Sources told RadarOnline that at least three digs are set for this summer as investigators try to find Hoffa’s remains. Most of the digs have a film crew attached as the case is set to be featured in numerous documentaries and crime shows.

Law enforcement is planning digs in some of the areas connected to Hoffa, including Detroit, New Jersey and even Canada.

Will they find Hoffa? All are hoping so, but only one could be right.


Even though Hoffa went missing in 1975, the case has hardly gone cold, according to the report. It’s still being investigated and one source said, “solving the Hoffa case is the Holy Grail for the Department of Justice.”

In fact, retired FBI agent Mike Carone told that everybody questioned in connection to any crime was asked about Hoffa. 

“That’s always been the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card and it still is today,” he said. 

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jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found anthony giacalone

Anthony Giacalone


Hoffa always seemed to avoid getting in too much trouble either as the head of the powerful Teamsters union or with his mob ties. He even had a prison sentence commuted by President Richard Nixon

But why? According to the report, and first reported by journalist Dan Moldea, Hoffa was an FBI informant. Sources say he traded his information to lift a ban on his political aspirations. 

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On July 30, 1975, Hoffa went to meet two men at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in suburban Detroit. Hoffa thought the meeting was friendly and cordial, but it became his last known location.

He got in a car owned by someone with mob connections and was never seen again.

That car remains the only piece of physical evidence in the case, according to the report. Hoffa’s DNA was found in the backseat and the trunk.

jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found dan moldea

Dan Moldea

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One source told Moldea that Hoffa was killed at a home near the restaurant, according to the report. The body was then stuffed into a 55-gallon drum and shipped to a New Jersey landfill. Both the shipping company and the landfill had ties to the mob and Hoffa's rivals.

The FBI searched the landfill in 1976 and found nothing.

Moldea returned to the site in 2019 after a source said he knew the location, and Hoffa's body and the drum were marked with a series of metal bars. According to the report, radar confirmed the metal bars beneath the ground.

Further digs are now in the works, according to the report.


Lenny Schultz had numerous ties to the mob and might be the key to cracking the case. He died in 2013, but a former driver said Schultz told him that Hoffa died in a kitchen before his remains were given for disposal, according to the report. 

““I was sitting right there at Lenny Schultz’s house, probably no more than 10-20 feet from where Hoffa was most likely killed in the days before and I had no idea,” Moldea told the publication. “Lenny Schultz has always been the missing link.”

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But, the stories of Hoffa’s remains don’t end there. Everybody seems to claim they know the location.  Phillip Moscato Jr., whose dad had mob ties, claimed the body was removed from the landfill and taken to another location in New Jersey.

Moscato and a film crew are working on trying to have digs in Michigan and New Jersey based on his information, according to the report.

jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found phillip moscato jr
Source: FOX

Philip Moscato, Jr

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There is even a theory that Hoffa is buried across the Detroit River in Canada, according to the report. A documentarian is looking at that angle that the mob and crooked cops said Hoffa was buried in a park.

The crew has been to the location and radar noticed a disturbing of the earth and further digging is set for this summer, sources told


While each of the theories seems to have legit leads, those who have investigated the case told not to believe them. Taking the body across the border was too risky. Nobody in the Detroit mob would have let the body go to New Jersey to be some type of trophy. 

“[There’s] too much moving around in these new theories floating out there right now,” Carone told “The more movement, the longer the body is above ground or is still in one piece, the more chance you have to get caught with your pants down. This was a Detroit thing from start to finish. That’s not how those guys operate. The New Jersey stuff was just window dressing.”

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jimmy hoffa how the mob hid his corpse and how it might be found  search for body
Source: MEGA

FBI, state and local authorities search for Jimmy Hoffa's body in a field in Oakland Township, Michigan, on June 17, 2013


The FBI continues to investigate the case, hoping one day to have the answer. That’s why there are digs planned this summer that reported.

The FBI even wiretapped in the home of a dying man with connections to the case, sources told The hope was the dementia-induced ramblings might provide a clue.

 “This case is one of kind. It never ends. The people who pulled it off are from the old school,” Carone told the publication. “Nobody who really knows anything is ever going to talk.” 


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