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Feb. 27 2021, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET

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More than 20 victims of Jeffrey Epstein asked a judge to freeze the pedophile’s assets after the value of his estate decreased by more than $200 million in the final three months of last year. 

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The lawyer for these women asked the court to “immediately freeze all assets, all accounts and cease all payments until a new plan is agreed upon to ensure that the money in the Epstein estate goes exclusively to sexual abuse victims of Epstein.” The request was in support of the emergency motion that was filed last week by the District Attorney in the Virgin Islands.

Melody Westfall  —  the lawyer for these women  —  also accused the estate’s executors Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn of lying that about how much money the estate had paid out to victims, according to the filing, which was obtained exclusively by Front Page Detectives

“The Estates claim that $57 million has been distributed by the fund is at odds with its December 30, 2020 financial accounting filed with the court,” states one of the footnotes in the document.

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The women are also upset that while they fight to get any amount of money they can from the estate, the lawyers and others tied to the compensation fund are amassing small fortunes on the backs of their misfortune.

“The Estate claims there is not an ‘emergency”’ — its lawyers and professionals contune to be paid millions of dollars each month but for the sexual abuse survivors, if the court does not intervene in freezing the estate’s assets it will be too late,” writes Westfall. “The temporary hold on the estate that the government seeks is the same temporary hold that the Estate has put on the survivors.”

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Westfall then adds: “Why should the estate lawyers and professionals continue to bill (and profit) millions of dollars while there is a temporary hold on compensating sexual abuse survivors?”

The filing also makes a point of noting the executors of the estate have now been charged in a civil action.

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"It is repulsive that the estate wants to keep eroding it’s assets, including with its own professional fees, while survivors are forced to wait and hope that there’s money left for them. The only party that is not being paid by the estate at present are the sexual abuse victims. This is not the way it was supposed to be, it should not be allowed to continue and it should be stopped immediately,” reads the filing.

Jeffrey Epstein

"The estate has breached it’s promises to survivors and the Attorney General. It brought this entirely upon itself. It is also concerning that the color executors of the estate or alleged to have participated in various acts of what some victims endured. The ones who assisted in the abuse as a ledge cannot be in any position to claim that they are looking out for the victims best interest. This is another issue that needs to be addressed and requires an immediate freeze on the estate assets.”

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In an amended complaint filed in the Virgin Islands, Epstein is accused of "engaging in sexual contact with a minor between 13 and 16 years of age" on his private island, Little St James. Two of his victims also told investigators they saw young girls alone on the island when they were forced to accompany Epstein to his Caribbean hideaway.

Some victims may have been even younger, according to additional court filings that were first reported by Front Page Detectives.

"Air traffic controllers and airport personnel have reported seeing, as recently as 2018, Epstein leaving his private jet with young girls who appeared to be between the ages of 11 and 18 years," states one document.

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There are still a number of women who seek money from the compensation fund, and claims were still coming in as of last week. The most recent accusations come from a young woman who stated she was 11 when Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell raped her in Oklahoma.

Those women who have received money have been remarkably quiet on the subject, despite claims they would be free to discuss the matter after they had settled with the estate.

It seems, however, the executors still require the women to honor the terms of any non-disclosure agreements they may have signed over the years.

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That could explain why not all the women have accepted the compensation package they have been offered by the operators of the fund. Indyke and Kahn - writie in their filing, "the estate has already provided funds to the program more than sufficient for the program to pay all compensation determinations made to date if accepted by those claimants."


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