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They're Here? U.S., China and Russia in Top-Secret Race to Retrieve Crashed UFOs: Air Force Whistleblower

David Grusch Reveals 'Doctor Who' Style Spacecraft Details
Source: MEGA

David Grusch was invited to speak about UFOs at a Manhattan penthouse.

Jan. 15 2024, Published 9:42 a.m. ET

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Could some major superpowers around the world have been retrieving materials from crashed UFOs for nearly the past century as part of what may be a top-secret arms race?

UFO whistleblower David Grusch believes so, reported.

According to the outlet, Grusch, who previously served as a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, told the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research that China formed a UFO task force and that there was "engagement" by the Russians.

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Grusch also claimed several of the world's biggest countries have competed to locate and collect UFO materials following extraterrestrial aircraft crashes, according to The Daily Star.

Grusch told podcaster Joe Rogan, that one alleged UFO crash event occurred in Italy in 1933.

Pope Pius XII and the Vatican were involved,” he said, “back channeling it through the OSS, which became the CIA, and later to [then-president Franklin D. Roosevelt] and that’s how the U.S. knew something weird happened."

The alleged crash in '33 predates the now-infamous purported Roswell crash in New Mexico, where many believe UFO debris was recovered. Conspiracy theorists have theorized over the decades that aliens were rescued from the wreckage and transported to military bases for top-secret testing.

Grusch said that the crash in Lombardy, Italy, went on to involve world players at the time, including Nazi German and Adolph Hitler, who were allegedly sent detailed descriptions of "sauce-shaped" aircraft.

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“The Italians were so confused they actually called up the Germans and they were like, Is this one of your Wunderwaffe [secret weapons]? What the hell just crashed in Northern Italy?" Grusch told Rogan. “Mussolini asked the Germans to come down, and of course, the Germans said, ‘This isn’t one of ours but let’s look at it together.'"

Grusch claimed to the podcaster that this "secret" UFO arms race is continues to this day. However, he declined to go into specific claims, noting he was "not here to help Russia and China calibrate their intelligence collection."

“I'm here to protect national security,” he insisted. "But I'm just trying to put all the general topics out there for public conversation, to hold our government accountable.”

Grusch also alleged in the interview that the U.S. has recovered materials from UFO sites that he said now number "in the double digits."


Despite Grusch's many claims, he has his fair share of skeptics, among them, science writer Mick West. The conspiracy theory debunker said in June that Grusch made inaccurate statements, such as claiming the U.S. government is actively covering up UFO intelligence.

“I don’t think what he’s saying is accurate. I think it’s possible he’s believing what he’s saying, but it’s an incredible story that really needs some actual verification,” West told NewsNation.

Still, other members of the military have shared detailed stories of their own bizarre alleged encounters.

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As Front Page Detectives previously reported, Jeff Nuccetelli, a former United States Air Force patrolman, spoke on the "Merged" podcast about an encounter he allegedly had in October 2023.

"I'm getting ready to jump in the car," Nuccetelli told Merged host, retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot Lt. Ryan Graves, "and then all hell breaks loose, and they start screaming over the radio, 'It's coming right at us. It's coming right for us. Now it's right here.'

"It was hard to hear," the former USAF patrol officer said, "because they were screaming, and they were scared."


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