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    He Allegedly Murdered His Wife and Two Kids, But Police Let Him Go Soon After The Incident. Here Is Why.

    A man is accused of killing his wife and two children in Canada, according to police. He was arrested soon after the alleged crime, but released.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • man found dead in canadian coffee shop police say suspect arrested

    Man found dead in Canadian coffee shop, police say suspect arrested

    A man was found dead inside a Canadian coffee shop during the weekend. After an investigation, police say a suspect was arrested in connection to the murder.
    By Todd Betzold
  • women claim they were sexually assaulted at lasre hair removal clinic in vancouver worker now charged in incidents

    Women claim they were sexually assaulted at laser hair clinic, worker accused of assault

    Two women made claims of a worker at a laser hair removal clinic in Vancouver of sexually assaulting them. Now, police say the worker has been charged for the incidents.
    By Todd Betzold
  • canadian man stabbed to death at work suspect arrested

    Canadian man stabbed to death at work. Police say a suspect has been arrested.

    A man in Canada was stabbed to death while at work. Police say the suspect has been arrested and charged with murder and it was not a random incident.
    By Todd Betzold
  • tornto

    Delivery driver befriended elderly woman and then raped her, cops say. Authorities worry there may be more victims.

    A delivery driver in Canada is accused of raping an elderly woman in her home, police said. Authorities are concerned there may be more victims.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • victims

    Two young women were found dead near top tourist spot, rapper accused of their murder

    A Canadian rapper has been charged with two counts of first-degree homicide in the murders of two women at a short-term rental in the Niagara region of Canada.
    By Mack Bush
  • nygard

    From fashion mogul to accused rapist in a jail cell: The rise and fall of Peter Nygard

    Peter Nygard was on top of the fashion world, but when allegations of rape started to surface it all came crashing down. Here's the story of the Candian who now sits in jail.
    By Jean Campbell
  • canadian man found beat to death on sidewalk second man charged with murder

    Man found beat to death on sidewalk in Canada, second man accused of his murder

    A 39-year-old man was found beaten to death on the sidewalk in Canada. Now police say a second man has been charged with second-degree murder.
    By Todd Betzold
  • poison

    Canadian man accused of poisoning two toddlers, one fatally, with toxic breakfast cereal

    Authorities in Canadian have charged a man in connection with two young children eating toxic breakfast food and one dying. A posion was put in cereal, police say.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
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