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  • carole

    Inside the criminal mind: What do we know about the Texas Synagogue hostage-taker

    On Jan. 15, four people were taken hostage inside a synagogue in Texas. But, were there warning signs about hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram in his past?
    By Carole Lieberman MD
  • domestic terrorism us bomb shooting cases pp

    Shocked us to the core: Here are the worst cases of domestic terrorism in U.S. history

    Each time America faces a case of domestic terrorism, it shocks the country. Here are some of the most notable cases of mass murder in the country's history.
    By Taneia Surles
  • shreveport

    Louisiana man accused of delivering months-worth of racist terror threats at black church

    Louisiana authorities said a 67-year-old Shreveport man threatened to kill black people and sent racist letters to Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church.
    By Nate Homan
  • fbi

    He had a bomb in his hands and was ready to murder innocents in L.A. Then the FBI swooped in.

    A former U.S. Army infantryman was found guilty of planning a terrorist attack in California. The vet was upset after the attacks in New Zealand.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • miltary

    From honor to dishonor: Here are horrible murders committed by U.S. soldiers

    Many join the U.S. military as a calling to help fight for our freedoms and the American way. But, in the following cases, the soldiers turned to murder.
    By Taneia Surles
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