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  • morgan

    Indiana father arrested in connection to the death of his 4-year-old son, but police mum on details

    A father was arrested in connection with the death of his 4-year-old son in La Porte, Indiana. He has been charged with murder, neglect of a dependent and cruelty to an animal.
    By Mack Bush
  • michigan couple files fake police report about stolen bird and assault

    Couple tells police their exotic bird was stolen and a woman was assaulted. It was all a lie, cops say.

    A Michigan couple told police their exotic bird was stolen and the thief assaulted a woman. Police say it was all a lie and now couple has warrants for their arrest.
    By Todd Betzold
  • broward county jail

    Florida animal rescue worker hoarded 63 cats in her apartment. She’s now accussed of animal cruelty.

    A former animal rescue worker in Florida is charged with nine felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty for hoarding dozens of cats in her home.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
  • sad cat

    Police found more than 65 cats in woman’s home. Now, she's accused of animal cruelty.

    A woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police found at least 65 cats in her home in Michigan. The cats were living in filthy living conditions.
    By Mack Bush
  • fla

    Florida man arrested after shooting dog during fight with girlfriend, cops say

    A man in Florida has been arrested after he allegedly shot his girlfriend's dog between the eyes during a fight. Two children were in the next room, separated only by drywall, at the time of the shooting.
    By Mack Bush
  • turltes

    Man gets shelled in punishment for smuggling endangered turtles from U.S. to China

    Federal prosecutors announced a China resident was sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling hundreds of endangered turtles from the U.S.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • dogs

    89 Pit Bulls rescued after one of New York biggest dogfighting rings is busted, prosecutors said

    New York authorities busted one of the biggest dog fighting rings, resulting in the rescue of 89 dogs and the arrest of 10 people, prosecutors announced.
    By Connor Surmonte
  • mouheb

    Pit Bull killed after he was left inside a hot car as ‘punishment’, owner accused of animal cruelty

    An Ohio woman has been arrested after police say she left her Pitt Bull in a hot car for more than 30 minutes. The dog died after he had tried to claw himself out.
    By Mack Bush
  • horse

    Boston man accused of having sex with horse on camera

    Police said Jackson Kelley, 19, of Boston, was seen on camera having sex with a horse after breaking into an equestrian center. The owners said the horse was not harmed.
    By Nate Homan
  • sc

    South Carolina authorities seize over 400 malnourished, abused animals, including horses and dogs: Sheriff

    Authorities arrested multiple people and seized hundreds of animals in South Carolina after launching an extensive animal abuse investigation.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
  • tiger king

    'Tiger King' has his prison sentence tossed, but here's why he's still be caged in murder-for-hire plot

    The man known as the "Tiger King" had his federal prison sentenced tossed. Though he remains behind bars in the plot to murder Carol Baskin.
    By Victor Fakunle
  • dog abuser

    Florida man allegedly slashed a dog multiple times with a machete, accused of animal cruelty

    A Florida man has been arrested on a felony charge of animal cruelty after he allegedly slashed a dog multiple times with a machete, according to police.
    By Mack Bush
  • dog abuse

    California man operated an organized dog fighting ring at his home, police said

    A California man has been arrested after he allegedly organized an illegal dog fighting ring. Nine dogs were seized, and one had over 249 scars and wounds.
    By Mack Bush
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