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  • nm stabbing

    Suspect Said He Stabbed In Self-Defense. Police Say The Victim Had More than 15 Wounds.

    A man in New Mexico said he stabbed another person to death in self-defense. But, police say the victim had more than 15 wounds and charged the suspect with murder.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • nm

    He Got Into An Argument With His Ex's New Boyfriend About How To Load Kid Bikes In A Truck. It Ended With One Dead.

    A man got into an argument with his ex's new boyfriend over how to load children's bikes into a car. It ended with one dead and one heading to prison.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • texas teen

    Teen shot and killed mom's fiancé after the man pulled knife during argument over moving homes: report

    A teenager in Texas is accused of killing his mom's fiancé during a fight about moving home, police said. The victim pulled a knife before the shooting.
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • rittenhouse f

    Defense, prosecutors paint different pictures of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting. The question is, was it self-defense?

    The trial against Kyle Rittenhouse has started in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with lawyers giving opening statements. He shot people during police protests, but was it self-defense?
    By Front Page Detective Staff
  • mother son colorado

    Colorado husband who had murder charge dropped, again accused of killing his wife

    A man in Colorado has been arrested in connection to his wife's death. He once faced charges, but they were dropped. His mom was also arrested.
    By Nate Homan
  • man says he shot homeless man in self defense cops say otherwise charge him with murder

    Man claims he shot a homeless person in self-defense. New Mexico cops say it was cold-blood murder.

    A New Mexico man says he shot a homeless man in self-defense. However, police say that is not the case, as the man has been charged with murder.
    By Todd Betzold
  • mohave

    She claimed killing her boyfriend was self-defense. Video showed her shooting him, the firing again when he staggered for help.

    A woman in Arizona was sentenced to prison for killing her boyfriend. She claimed the shooting was self-defense, but video surveillance told a different tale.
    By Victor Fakunle
  • texas

    Texan claims she fatally shot homeless woman who attacked her. Surveillance video allegedly shows otherwise

    A woman who claimed self-defense after fatally shooting a homeless person is now accused of murder after allegedly lying about what happened.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
  • florida

    Florida man fearing for his family’s safety after shooting allegedly chases down, fatally strikes triggerman with car

    A Florida man is charged with murder after authorities said he chased down a person who fired shots in his neighborhood and ran him over with his car.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
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