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  • dui

    Cops: Teenager charged with DUI for second time in same morning after he gets confused, drives to police station

    Police allege an underage man got caught driving drunk in two different New Hampshire towns within a five-hour time span.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
  • horse

    Boston man accused of having sex with horse on camera

    Police said Jackson Kelley, 19, of Boston, was seen on camera having sex with a horse after breaking into an equestrian center. The owners said the horse was not harmed.
    By Nate Homan
  • mass

    He tried to break up a fight, when the attacker turned the knife on him and drove it into his heart

    A man was sentenced to decades behind bars for killing a person who was trying to break up a fight. The victim was stabbed in the heart, experts said.
    By Victor Fakunle
  • mcdonalds

    Police chase ends after woman in stolen truck stops off in McDonald’s drive-thru to get food, police say

    A Massachusetts woman allegedly driving a stolen truck led police on a low-speed chase that ended when she stopped off at a McDonald’s to get food in the drive-thru.
    By Aaron Rasmussen
  • ipurestockx

    80-year-old woman murdered and her organ left on the home's welcome mat. Son accused in horrific killing.

    An 80-year-old woman in Massachusetts was found dead in her home with internal organs left on the welcome mat, police say. Son accused of her murder.
    By Todd Betzold
  • boston

    25 years later, the gruesome 'Swedish Nanny's' murder in Boston remains a mystery

    A Swedish au pair was found cut in half in a dumpster in downtown Boston in 1996. Police never found the killer, or her lower torso.
    By Nate Homan
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